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We made this wall

In many ways I have not made enough of a contribution to people and things that matter to me. Each item on this wall bears my name though. The theme is green. The witch is black and many coloured, the green man a gift, the landscape an artwork I found, the tree from a comedy at the old vic, the painted photo manipulated from a fountain in Sloane Square, and the pop poster from a concert we enjoyed. I/we put this together and it brings me/us pride and pleasure. This week I’ve been thinking about occult practices that we played with at special school and the animal slaughter that I stopped. I see every place and every practice visited here on a regular basis. I feel pretty relaxed about it all.

Through a forest clearing
A white house
Witches brew ale
For the Green king
Hidden in a tree
Overlooking landscapes
Mummers wassail
Spill cider
Liquid to earth
In praise of the friend
All passed here
Passed on years ago
And I stand by the window
By black hills
And fields burning
Smoke rising
Staring ahead
Planning escape
Staring down fear
The window opens
And I fly
Soar towards freedom
The air is clear
No wind, no distraction
The plan is hatched
Tonight, beneath the moon
The rabbit will be running
Chasing the deer home
Before exhaustion
Finds morning
And me
Once again, bed bound

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