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Blog - Richard Downes

Resurrecting the Glorious Servant


The champ had been taking a real beating but like a true champ he believed in finding his second wind. It took a while but he found it

Resurrecting the Glorious Servant

It had been unremitting misery
Being away
I missed this space
This place
This desk
This hex
This mouse
This house
This file
This smile
Turned upside down
Yes the sun shined
Yes the wind blew
The rain
Well it reigned
In a way
For a day
Jackie Wilson Said
I’m in Heaven
Van smiled
I whiled
The hours away
For a day and a day
And a week and a week
And another day
Whiled away
I slept
Too much
I ate
Too much
I drank
Not enough
I lazed
I lounged
I rested
Walked beaches
Walked inlets
Walked fords
Saw Birds
White egrets
My first Whitethroat
The stress
The stress I feel
The stress that holds me together
It went
Into the ether
Real, real gone
Sam Cooke
You send me
I did
What I wanted
How I wanted
When I wanted
No structure
And now
I’m back
Desk Bound
And dreamy
Work away
Until the day
Once more
I’m gone away
Real, real gone away

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