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The Script between Disabled People and Society


There is a thing going around facebook of a conversation between a woman with a vagina and the Republican Party, which inspired me to do something similar: the current script between disabled people and society. I hope people who don’t understand the hell disabled people are forced into realise what a shitty part they have in the play called life, and their role needs re-writing where everyone has a cool role.

Disabled People: Can we have accessible buildings, so we can actually get into the workplace?
Society: No.

Disabled People: can we have an accessible transport system? And not have people tut us when we ask people to move from the only space a wheelchair can be on a bus?
Society: No.

Disabled People: Can we teach Sign Language in schools?
Society: No.

Disabled People: So can we have sign language support in the workplace?
Society: No.

Disabled People: If we can’t access public transport, can we get extra funding for taxis or our own cars?
Society: Increasingly, no.

Disabled People: The pain of my disability means I can only work part-time, can I have extra benefits to top up my earnings?
Society: No.

Disabled People: Is there social service support to allow me to be independent on my terms, so I can get ready to go to work?
Society: No.

Disabled People: OK, I can’t access jobs, transport, support, can I get benefits without being assessed by a professional who is not an expert in my condition and is paid by the government to find me fit to work?
Society: No.

Disabled People: The assessment centre is inaccessible, I can’t go to the assessment. I get my benefit stopped for not turning up. Do you feel no shame about that?
Society: No.

Disabled People: I go to the assessment despite being in pain and in mental distress, being asked personal questions, knowing full well they are going to turn me down. I get my benefit stopped for turning up.  Do I have a right to be upset that I can’t access the things most people can, that hate crime is increasing toward disabled people, that I can’t get benefits, but not access work either, that I can’t live my life the way I want, even in my own home?
Society: No. All you need is a positive attitude to make us not feel responsible for the lose/lose situation we put disabled people in.

Disabled People: I have to go to the foodbank to be able to eat. I am on the verge of going into hospital because my health has deteriorated so much.
Society: You scrounger. You are a burden to society. You waste of space.  You do know there’s always assisted suicide if your quality of life is bad.

Benefit Assessment Epitaph

Benefit Assessment Gravestone

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Very well said!
But on the upside, at least we aren’t under Nazi rule!
At least we get to suffer for an undetermined amount of time in an undignified way until we die…