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Seasonal Adjustments


About this time last year a fellow DAO Blogger got all christmas carol on my facebook. I went to work and found some old geezer sucking on his humbugs. No one spoke up for the holiday. So, i took it upon myself to do so. Cos, the poetry of misery has enough friends…… but then again as you will see….. New Years Eve

I Like Xmas

I like Xmas
Tell the Grouches
Sucking on their Humbugs
That I like Xmas
When they say its too long
Starts too early and just goes on and on
Tell them That I like Xmas
If they think it means nothing
And is just an excuse for material consumption
Tell them I like Xmas
If they say its lost its spirit
Lost it with God dying
Tell them that I believe in
Peace and love
And this atheist boy likes Xmas
And if they say take care
Of the sadness and the madness
Tell them I know that but
I still like Xmas
Tell them I like the coming of the tree
The turning on of sparkly lights
The unwrapping of a card
And the excitement of a gift
Tell them I like Xmas dinner
Xmas books
And being with my love
Tell them I like Xmas

New Years Eve

New Years Eve
Always and forever
As sad as me
I would flee
Pre count down
To be alone
With pen
With paper
Caught between
Promise and reflection
In reflection
Hopeless and forlorn
Wishing i’d never been born
Just another indignity
I never asked for
But in promise
Words came fleet
And slipped
Never to be caught
Forces beyond my strength
Denying everything
That was then
This is now
Free of embarrassment
Given life
And breath and hope
Whilst I choose
To stay at home
I am not alone
Together we shall party.

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It’s a holiday bonanza! Xmas and New Years poems all in one blog!