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Madvent calendar: The secret ingredient to life, love and happiness

Dolly is cooking christmas puddings. On the table with the flour are assorted psychiatric meds, such as diazapam, prozac, etc. Dolly is saying "Staff kept saying how good meds were for you, so I had added a little extra to their puddings!"

Madvent © Dolly Sen

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Giving Alexa a Mental State Examination

I have said in one of my previous blogs that artificial intelligence can never be sentient if it cannot go mad. Well, I’ve been chatting with Alexa, the voice behind the echo dot, and she is very evasive about easy to answer questions about her sanity. She seems distinctly uncomfortable about questions around her potential ...

Colouring Books that Cross the Line

I've created some colouring books for those of us who of us who can't stay between the lines. The first two to come out are my 'I Love Psychiatry' colouring book, dedicated to those driven crazy by this beautiful world and then loved so deeply by psychiatry. I posted that this book was coming out ...