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Self Portrait


I have struggled. With this one. Found myself standing long enough to do a job on an original idea. I have more to say. This started in planning for a disability equality course I was putting on way back. It started with a question. Am I handsome? In raising this I became enamoured with answers touching on nazi-ism, eugenics, designer babies, not dead yet uk and other words on a list. The poem didn’t go where it was supposed to. The other ideas survive, didn’t make it here but neither have they been kicked into touch.

I, like some of you
Am here in Defiance
Of Medical Science

I, like some of you
Participate actively
In spite of Medical Forecasts

I, like some of you
Have lived long enough
To see off Consultants promises


I, like some of you
Am not a done deal
A word to be kept

I, like some of you
Have stepped outside
the ring they circled for us

I, like some of you
Remain in a world
They thought they’d sealed off


I, like some of you
Wrote a letter to myself
Kept a vow and sealed my post with fire

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Deborah Caulfield

Good one. Like it. Include me under ‘some of you’.