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Signs: Accreditation

Black and white photo of railings surrounding a big sign saying 'accreditation'

Boxed Off

Way back in time, when we decided as a movement, to fight for rights we made demands. The demands were our standards. Some flew on banners. Some were sung. We did pretty well, offered each other friendship and support. Our best results came before a qualified professional ran the country. I never thought all those years ago this would mean tying everything down to new professions, new qualifications, exchanging the passion for pass marks. I wonder if things are ever any better but hope with all my hope that they are.

Signs: Accreditation

The other day
Its fair to say
I was engaged in A Game
Called Golden Years

And in the golden years
Things happened
Things changed

In other golden years
Things changed
And stayed the same

Such is the state
Of a game
Known as Golden Years

We look to the past
Looked into the days
To the turning point
To the hot spot
To the change

We looked to what we said
And what we did
And why
And wherefore
And we revel
In what happened next
In the golden years

In the golden years
We stood
We swore
In line
A brotherhood
In the golden years
We put our chests out
In the golden years
Our lungs
Burst to get the words out

And the words we spoke
The words we sung
Were never wrong
Not in the golden years
When we were strong
Not in the golden years
When we were clear

Not before the murk
Not before the muddle
Of those who lurked
Within the struggle
To smear the word
Of the golden years

The golden years
When we were free
Before we sold our souls
To quality marks
To funding
To other signs
Of accreditation
And values
We did not uphold
Way back
Way back then in the time
Of the golden years

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