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Signs: In case you don’t know


The Key To Your Case

The photograph was taken at the Turner Contemporary Gallery in Margate where I met with friends. The story of the case was presented to me by someone who inspired me 20 years ago – Paul Fagan. I remember few things. I remember Paul and others from that time with gratitude.

In case you don’t know
There is a key to growth
That takes you from child

There is a case
A case to be made
A case to be closed
A case to be stored away
A case to be taken down
A case to be packed
A case to be emptied

These are those things
That identify a case

Are you a case
A case to be made, closed, stored, taken, packed, emptied
Any of these?

This is the key
The key that opens
The key that allows entry
The key that gives access
The key that finds you vibrant
Engaged in life
The key to being free

You are not a case
You are not a key
You have the key
Find it
Feel it
Press it

Do not let others make you
Close you
Put you away
Take you where you do not want to go
Pack you full of junk
Or empty you of all those things
That are you
That you find; when?
When you have the key

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