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Signs: Crip Hero


Its not funny

I love this sign. I think its the most profound of them all. But its been a bugger. Something to work on. I hate work. Working on writing that is. What was I going to do with this sign? Then on waking up, the opening line came. Buts that’s all, Nothing else. That’s pretty good. Wonder where that came from?

Then I recognised it. John Lennon’s Working Class Hero. I had the rhyme, I had the meter. I had a chorus. I looked at the chords. They’re easy. I might even pick up my guitar again… one day… ever. And then the days passed. Days became weeks. I slept again last night. And there came verse two. I know the pattern now. I know how it works. But, bum, I’ve got to keep on working

Crip Hero

As soon as you’re born there’s a danger of death
You know when it kicks when you run out of breath
And you leave your friends and family bereft

(Oh oh!! I‘ve lost the chorous)

They hide you in homes and they spit in the street
These are the kind of bastards we meet
We call it hate crime but they think its a treat

Battered and bruised ain’t nothing to me
Battered and bruised ain’t something to be

(the chorus will change each time in this one)

The work is still in process

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