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Blog - Richard Downes

Signs: Disabled Person – Keep Clear


How many times have I seen these two signs next to each other; disabled person, keep clear? Does it reinforce one of societies messages? Is it supposed to? Is it carelessness? I don’t know. I wouldn’t like to say. Is it me? Am I reading things into things that are not things and are just not there. Probably. But then again how easy is it to dip into experience and suggest some kind of truth.

Disabled Person – Keep Clear

Disabled person: Keep Clear
Avert your gaze
Do not look
Do not touch

Disabled Person – Keep clear
Bypass their path
Cross over
Stay safe

Disabled Person – Keep clear
Dodge their eyes
Make up excuses
When you cannot lie

Disabled Person – Keep Clear
Escape their attentions
You know what they’re like
The way they seek to talk to you

Disabled Person – Keep Clear
Fend them off
Clingy, needy
Use the barge pole

Disabled Person – Keep Clear
Shun them with ignorance
Talk about the time
You haven’t got

Disabled Person – Keep Clear
Side step their demands
It isn’t good for business
Causes only trouble

Disabled Person – Keep Clear
Duck below your desks
Its not your job
Not on that payscale

Disabled Person – Keep Clear
Flee the scene
They won’t be there
When you get back

Disabled Person – Keep Clear
Give them the slip
Persistent little oiks
Aren’t they?

Disabled Person – Keep Clear
Skip town, run away, take a holiday, change jobs, retire
But be clear
We just keep on coming

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