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Signs: Eden


I was on a webpage a while ago looking at the concept of animated, lively signs of disability. They looked good. Better than the glum pariah of the international sign which sits so still, gormless and unrepresentative, hangs on doors or takes up station on wet and shivery tarmac, institutionalised by lines, its life restricted and restricting. Hang the sign. The days passed, turned to weeks, then months, then years and finally I saw a lively sign. The blue had gone. Red sang out. This was going to be a good day. I was in Eden. The session was grand but the project, I must say as other voices won’t, is a cheap and tawdry pile of rubbish. Oh well!!

Signs of Life

Signs: Eden

You need to sing
To jump, and shout
Let it all hang out
Tell beethoven what its all about
Behind the tills of Eden

Pound signs hang on
Digital screens
That show the means
(of entry)
beyond the gates of Eden

The ramps are good
To date the devil
Lifts to another level
The cash nexus in and out of Eden

The cafe’s a glitter
You need some food
Its not too rude
To pay the price at Eden

Its hot in here
Beneath the roof
Your notes the proof
You can afford to meet and greet in Eden

Look all about
The wood, the tin
No doubt your in
A begging bowl with the name of Eden

You need a rest
A kindly soul
A likely ghoul
Scorched by the heat of Eden

You’re there all day
You jump you shout
To get back out
Beyond the shocking news of vulgar Edens

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