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Signs: Faded


I’m not sure what got me here. A stinking October cold or just a feeling of unremitting effort, trying to achieve something, doing fairly well and then just feeling like I’ve been kicked in the teeth within the grounds of people and places that need to learn to show more humanity – no names.

Signs: Faded

Fucking Faded Man
They call me names
Yellow of the dark
Smoothe stroke on coarse ground
I clench my fist
In a hard salute
Left side
From the heart
Singing the Internationale
Like a comedian
Trading on irony
To the unaffected
And the couldn’t care less
Turning purple
Squeezed between
The red and blue
Red for life not lived
Blue the death of not yet
And I’m feeling fucking faded man
Living as I do between
A promise and a threat
An achievement and a fail
Wanting to be wanted
By the unwanting again
Determined next time
Not to put my faith
Within a fluttering flag
And I’m feeling really fucking faded man

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