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Signs: Majority



Another pic from the Barbican. This one, count them, showing a majority of international crip signs over and above international gender representations.

Sometimes I have thought, contrary to the demands of inclusion, that we segregate, go it alone, provide for ourselves, include ourselves and damn all others.

I have never thought what if we were the mighty, the stronger, and I guess I still haven’t managed to do that now but I know the model we promote in our activism demands something better, something better for us all and I know I need to think about that some more. But for now:…..

Signs: Majority

Imagine our strength
How strong we could be
If only, we had a majority

Imagine our world
The one we would make
If only, we weren’t a minority

The non-disabled
The normals
The others
The oppressor
If only we could take their mantle

Imagine not being small
What we could achieve
If only, by thinking big

How far we have come
How far, so far
In this short time of organisation
Of demonstration, negotiation
Campaigning for ourselves
Our sisters, our brothers
Strangers, unknown
For involvement, inclusion, rights
If only, we weren’t small then

We were right
To knock at the door
Rappers rapping for a let in
Tapping, ringing, calling
Politely, sometimes, requesting
A better deal for a better world
Superior thought, greater deed
If only more had listened

Make no mistake
Don’t trust the naysayers
We have come so far
We have not regressed
During this space
When the normals make it harder
We have not gone back
In a populist attack
To the wicked whack
Of lock up
If only,….

If only, we didn’t think of losing
Of those we have lost in battle
The sadness pervading
Our minds, our bodies
If only the war was won
If only we had the power
To make the world
The society we would make
The things we would create
If only our strength, so strong
If only, a majority

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