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Signs: Mind Steps aka Words to an Unresolved Election


Last time around ‘Signs: Mind Steps aka Photo Poem to an Unresolved Election‘ offered pictorial evidence of a mood within a time within a space. One of my favoured lines; ‘if a picture paints a thousand words’ urges caution. You do not see what I see. You do not feel the way I feel. You do not react as I react. Feel free to visit the Photo Poem and make up your own mind. Don’t get tied down by the words that follow.

Ever had one of those times
Sitting still with the down times
In the cold, as clouds roll in
To cover spring time sun
And threaten rain

Here come those times again
Sit it out
In covered coat
The sweet cake in hand
Not finding taste in mouth

Whilst off to the left
The first sign
A clever ad man
Causing sad thoughts
To creep and demean
The very thing, the only thing
You ever mean’t
Equality. It’s over rated

You stare ahead
Into the road
Access to the tarmac
Blocked by a litter bin
Would today in all its size
Fit in there
In a place and at a time where
Nothing fits

Except the wrapping
from the bakery confection
That failed to satisfy
Scrunched up
In limpid hand
Coiled for slow rejection
Litter not recycled

And the sun strains
The cumulus remains
And you stand in the square
Where public faces lost
Unwinnable battles with
Faceless developers
You continue to read the signs
The sign saying something
Is coming soon
And you wonder if its
Really something you want

Meanwhile off to the other side
Hoardings board the old Leccie
Miserable blue paint
Enlivened with scrawls of
Broken promise
Regards a coffee shop
That never came
Never raised a cheer
Whilst burst balloons of
Different hues
Hang limp and lifeless from
A scratched and tawdry lamp post
The party over

Another downer
In the cold
Where the sun
Doesn’t shine
And the rain never rains
A final sign of prohibition
Do not feed the pigeons
Removing rights
Raising penalty claims
The shop that never opens
Sings sad austere songs
With no tune, no colour
The present is a grey day
Tomorrow only ever darker

Deep inside
A calling
Vote for change

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2 Comments on "Signs: Mind Steps aka Words to an Unresolved Election"

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Colin Hambrook

Really like the rhyme and meter of this Richard. It’s a sad and very evocative poem… echoes my own sense that we’re waiting in line for the hangman’s noose.