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Signs: Push


There was never ever any guarantee of freedom

Another song of exhortation, encouragement. I feel like I’ve been a long time gone from disability activism, that I’ve settled for work, photography and poetry, but my street actions were of a time, a time shared by others. I know also that there are others doing and leading the pushing (the activism) now. This song though is not for me and those who were with me, nor is it for those who push now. Its not even for those readers, TV watchers, critics and snipes. It’s for those who follow and those who are to come who lead. Push on.

There is no guarantee
No comeback

Push forward
Spread the word
The world is changing
We made it so
We push
We pushed

Though there was no promise
We pushed
We pushed and made a pledge
To keep on pushing

There was a time
And that time
Its true
Keeps on returning
When we were the ones
to push
to push around
to push, to punish
to be pushed
by others doing the pushing
but now we push

We no longer take the pushing
the prodding or the pointing
We have ideas to push
Words to push forward
A world to push for
So we are pushing
Doing the pushing
Always pushing
We push

We will not stop pushing
We pushed for transport
So there would less pushing
We pushed to free our people
For they were tired of the pushing
We pushed for independent living
So there would be no pushing but the pushing we pushed for
Our own pushing
We push our dreams for pushing
Like pushers pushing

Access. Push
Therapy. Push
Peace, we push for
For equality, we push
For inclusion, we push
For independence, we push
We push and keep on pushing
For our lives
Our dreams
Our hopes
Our schemes
We push

We are right to go pushing
Push with us
Be a part of the pushing
We pushed for us
We pushed for you
We pushed for the other
My sister and my brother
Push with us
Push now

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