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Sorry. No Access. Thank You.


There will be no segregation in this poem. Only a separation. I am no separatist but I wonder if we were to separate if we could use access to enforce the exclusion of those we would separate from as they who chose our exclusion use no access to separate us from them.

This is a story of how one cook turned the tables.

Sorry. No Access. Thank You.

Every day
More and more
The kitchen is open
The flames burning brightly
Heating food
Creating mood
In the houses of the mighty

The cook is there
Feels no despair
Until the boss
At a loss
With no one in the house
To shout at
Comes in to comment on the pudding
And loudly starts a revolution

Chairs fly out
A mop is propped
A sign is left limply hanging
Sorry. No Acccess. Thank You.
It says
Five short words
Plainly written
Built into a barrier
Dripping full of Cookie’s meaning

Your health is compromised
There is a safety isssue
Your words spring negative action
You may eat
It will be your treat
But there’ll be no retraction

The wall we built is flimsy
The peace process is fraught
You had your words and whimsy
Your station bought you naught
Your home once meant seclusion
But the kitchen now means exclusion
To the dining room; repatriation
Sorry. No Access. Thank You.

My sorry
In Sorry. No Access. Thank You.
Is a polite subterfuge
My sorry
Doesn’t mean what it says
My sorry
Is not a sorry
So if at all a sorry
Only sad and empty

Sorry. No.
No. Not sorry at all.
No. Not sorry
About your no access
Sorry. No. Not sorry at all.
Sorry. No Access. Thank
Sorry. No Access.
I think I’ll thank
Thank you not to access
A place you have no access to
Sorry. No Access. Thank YOU.
You have no access
YOU, you have no access
YOU. You have no access
And I’m not sorry at all
Thank you.

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