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The Economic Model and Me


The chancellor folds the notes and thinks about the silver, leaving only pennies

I am on the early part of the Disability Equality Course I am giving to DAO Blog Readers in the form of presumed poetry. See The Religious Model And Me for part 1.

No reason to miss out on the training from me when delivered through DAO. I am wondering where I am going to get audience interaction from though. Questions or comments gratefully received below.

The Economic Model

Casting aside religion
Except when and where
Ministers decisions are shaped
By observation of the cross
I am inclined to consider
Myself deserving of investment
Through taxation by governments
Both local and national
In times both good and bad
Almost as a right
For like the adverts, I am worth it
Worthy of health
Of education and employment

Though in scanning the balance
The chancellor may not agree
And in casting his eye this way
May scold me and mine
As being undeserving
Worthless, a scoundrel and a scrounger
Whose very values to society
Should be penalised, sanctioned
Forced into poverty
For not contributing
Even should I want to

Worthy; worthless
Deserving; undeserving
In the models binary polarity
I find the place I am awarded
And passively accept it
Forsaking picket lines and revolution
In return for the scraps
Thrown in this direction
Knowing that my life is shaped
By consideration of the pound

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Joe Turnbull

Interesting read Rich. We often debated in A-level history whether welfare was intended to placate those who’d usually turn to revolution or rebellion. To quote a geordie rapper whom I share a brain with, from an ancient track called Cradle to Grave:

Chained to minimum wage, or change to criminal ways
From our first to our finishing day
We’re paid just enough not to cripple and break this sickening state
Made to inflict any hate on our insipid comrades
Forced into their ways by distorted airwaves
Told it’s all for fair play it’s ridiculous mate