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Two Party Poopers at a Party

Graffiti on the side of a white wall reads: 'Good writing is like a window pane'.

Good writing is like a window pane.

I wrote this a while ago. I took the photo only recently. The quote below the windows is i presume from Orwell – a writer i never got into. I was looking for a picture to go with the words. I think Orwell meant you can see the writer, you can see the life he’s writing about. It’s like the eyes are the windows to the soul.

For the writer I guess I wrote from a feeling of hurt, from disappointment. For the life and for the lives….

Two Party Poopers at a Party

Two older men
Sad and lonely
Sit across a table
From each other
One unable to talk
The other unable to listen
Especially not to himself
Neither it should be said
Have an impairment
Just this terrible disconnection
From each and every other
They have been seated
In the best seats
They are served
They are entertained
They are left without formal obligations
They talk. I know I said they couldn’t
I should have said they shouldn’t
Here is a road name
Here is another
Here is a parking restriction
This is where to stop
But if you do; you risk a side mirror
But now you are outside number 39
Go inside
Feel the felt
Beneath that the rubber
Beneath that a floating surface
And beneath that some ply
None of it touching the walls
Not sticking to the sides
Like the conversation
Which now turns to the idea
of money
of cost
of value
in building a floor
4 to 8 inches high
And how its all so worth while
because the people underneath
can’t hear a pin drop
don’t know you’re in
won’t pop around nuisance like
for a pint of milk
a cup of sugar
and these floors
that don’t touch the wall
until the house moves
are surrounded by red brick
a gravel drive
churned up by ferrarris
whose drivers have the code
for the gate which would
otherwise be locked
which is why
or partly why
the isolation exists
at all
its a choice made
to be apart
to separate
to disconnect
to isolate him
from her
and you
and me
so there is no reason
in no season
winter, summer or spring
to say hello
to shake a hand
to nudge an elbow
or drop a wink
or crack a joke
or to say something interesting
to anyone
any time
any where
Meanwhile, the host
shall take the blame
for the ennui of the guests
the one who won’t talk
and the one who won’t listen
to himself

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