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Signs; Wait

Wait Sign

Tired of waiting for the chance to get involved – WAKE UP

A warning from a personal history bound up in compromise reflecting on the who and the who could have been. Its alright, not too bad, one gets by, my oh my, always driven by other voices and the imagining of a change that may have been coming but never did. Not really. I did not travel down these tracks myself but I know who did, I see their colour, their style, the times they lived. The beauty and the waste.

Signs; Wait

Tick tock goes the clock
The next train arriving at….
Takes these lines home

Way back, before all this
A young man
heard a rebel yell
We want the world and we want it now
I like that, that thought
Toddling off to buy a lager
Indulged in live sky sport

5 o’clock
Platform time
Standing before an advert

A protest passes by
He wouldn’t have noticed
But a Pearly King
Sat in the window
The young man
diverted from the footie
Couldn’t take his eyes off him

Mind the gap
A station announcement
Follows the previous one

He thought it must be carnival
The king suggested charity
All this ribald revelry
Banners, noise and colour
He’d hate to see the queen
But there were no floats
And inside the rebel yell….

This train is northbound
Terminates somewhere
The next stop

Outside where the action is
He stepped out for a smoke
A chat with a handsome fellow
In the wrong shirt
A different allegiance
And the march marched on
Chanting, conga-ing, choogaling

Mind the doors
Let the passengers off
Move along

With every action
An avoidance
Of the call and time moves on
And the yell
Yes I wanted the world
But I can wait
For me
Its just another day too late

Have your tickets ready
Stand to the right
There is no escalation

And the clock ticks on
And the days drag by
Just another wage slave
Nearing the end of the line
Should have listened better
Should have heeded the march
And time
For the world was never mine

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