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self-portrait of the artist/ authors face using expressive strokes of the paintbrush and bold colours

Showcase Short story: Nick Lewis: ‘Travels With My Self’

In 2015, Nick Lewis was Highly Commended for Poetry by the Creative Future Literary Awards - a national literary competition aimed at talented marginalised writers who lack opportunities due to mental health issues, disability, health or social circumstance. Based in Oxfordshire, Nick was a journalist (Socialist ...

painted banner with a thank you to the NHS

Blog Thank you NHS

A rainbow I made by throwing paint and asking my PA bow to draw some lines of rain and write "thank you". Cheers, Nick

abstract watercolour suggesting a storm across a landscape

Blog A message from me, Nelly

Hi all This is a message from Nelly and Neville. We are sister and brother and we are more or less identical twins: but this is a message from me, Nelly. Thing is, I'm not sure I should write about us as kith and kin; we're ...

watercolour of the backs of a couple sat on a bench facing the sea

Blog The Outing

Algie and Doreen were in fine, nattering form: "We're hoping the rain holds off" Algie told me. Like me, they had arrived early. Sitting beside my wheelchair space at the front of the coach, Doreen, a plump woman with frizzy salt-and-pepper hair, unpacked her bag, ...

Watercolour painting of a cat sitting underneatha chair in the garden

Blog It has escaped my mind

Some time ago I made an Advance Directive; what some people call a Living Will. It read: "If I am unable to recognise my family, then I no longer wish to live." The next phrase seems to me now to be on the grim side. ...

close-up watercolour portrait of eyes and nose of a male face

Blog Jonathan Luyden Montgomery

Mind you, he's a decent sort. Ex-Merchant Navy and NUM shop steward - house work learned at sea and many a behind-the-scenes tale of miners' struggles. I liked the stories. They coincided with my experience years ago, vainly trying to build a revolutionary party in ...

Watercolour image of a sunset over water

Blog Good morning

Richard burst through the door from the changing area into the cafe. He was dressed in long swimming shorts with a sunflower motif, and nothing else. This was no surprise, given that we were at the pool for the weekly session of the Oxford Water ...

watercolour painting of boats on a river with a shelter in the foreground

Blog Just wait!

I had followed my usual routine. Rosie, my personal assistant, hauled off the duvet and replaced it with a towel (this replacement was to "preserve your modesty ducky" despite my assurance that she had most likely seen it all before) and then shunted up my ...

Watercolour painting of a sea front from the sands looking back at a promenade of houses

Blog Hospitalisation

We booked late for our annual holiday in Southwold, in September, and so we missed our usual house above the beach. The new one wasn't bad, but it brought the rain and broke the spell that the town seemed to cast over our July breaks. ...

Watercolour painting of a white flower

Blog Lottie

Well into my job publishing a newsletter for the Greater London Association of Disabled People, a volunteer, Lottie came into the office. It turned out that, like me she had MS; she seemed to share my level of mobility. She was a pretty young Afro-Caribbean ...