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Editorial and Commissioning Policies

Disability Arts Online is an online journal for disabled and deaf artists and all individuals and organisations engaged in the field of Disability Arts.

Editorial Policy

  • Disability Arts Online accepts unsolicited press releases, reviews, features, creative writing and art work relevant to Disability Arts. However, acceptance of material does not guarantee publication.
  • Disability Arts Online accepts unsolicited pitches for opinion, review and interview pieces to be considered for commissioning purposes.
  • The opinions expressed in Disability Arts Online, either within editorial or through our blogging platform, are those of the writers and not of the editorial team, or of the journals’ host organisation, its funders or sponsors.
  • Disability Arts Online seeks to publish critical opinions from contributors to the journal, when qualified by evidence. However, Disability Arts Online will not publish any personal invective, which seeks to discredit or bring prejudice to targeted individuals.
  • The editorial team aims to correct and publish all errors of fact and to publish apologies for these where appropriate.
  • Copyright for any text, photographs, graphics, video or audio published in Disability Arts Online remains with the journal, except where the creator of the work is named as owner of copyright for any material.
  • Disability Arts Online is committed to advancing the human rights of disabled people.
  • Disability Arts Online uses the term disabled people to include people with physical, sensory, emotional and cognitive impairments.
  • Disability Arts Online opposes all discrimination on the grounds of disability, race, gender, age, sexual orientation, class, or religious belief.
  • Disability Arts Online works within the Social Model which regards disability as something imposed on top of our impairments by the way we are unnecessarily excluded and marginalised from society. For example this might be through lack of physical access or through prejudicial attitudes and discrimination.

Commissioning Policy

  • Disability Arts Online aims to publish art work and comment on the arts by disabled people, which is fresh, exciting, analytical, critical, controversial, stimulating and creative.
  • Disability Arts Online aims to commission work by disabled artists and Disability Arts, and Inclusive Arts organisations.
  • Disability Arts Online aims to profile projects and best practice within the Arts, particularly from arts organisations e.g. Disability Arts Forums and Agencies, which are led by disabled people.
  • Disability Arts Online aims to pay disabled artists for material commissioned for publication. From 1 April 2019 onwards commissioned content will be paid at the following rates: £60 per 500 word review and from £80 and up to £120 for a 1000 word interview or opinion piece. Rates vary according to the experience of the writer and the level of research or preparatory work required. Rates may also vary for specific projects. Payment is limited by budgetary constraints and is at the editors’ discretion. All fees paid are subject to UK tax laws. All contributors are liable for making their own tax arrangements. Payment of expenses are at the discretion of the editor and must be agreed in advance. Expenses relating access costs will be prioritised.
  • Disability Arts Online aims to commission disabled artists to produce artworks specifically for the site.
  • If you wish to retain copyright or licence over material commissioned for publication on Disability Arts Online, when submitting material, please state your conditions or terms for use. In all other instances, on submission of any contribution, Disability Arts Online reserves the right to use, modify, adapt, publish, distribute, and exercise all copyright and publicity rights with respect to the contribution.
  • Contributors must obtain, and be able to provide copies on request of, all necessary permissions for use of third party text, images and video in the content they submit for publication.

DAO Blog Platform

The blog section of the DAO website provides disabled artists and writers with a space to give our readers an inside view of their art practice, share thoughts and receive comments and feedback.

These blogs provide an informative and entertaining insight into how disability and impairment are experienced from a disability perspective. We are open to receiving requests from disabled artists to use DAO as a blog platform. Please email Colin Hambrook, editor via

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed on these pages are not necessarily those of DAO.