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New Years News


Happy 2017. Hopefully better than last year. This is a little of what I’m up to. I’m looking forward to making new collaborations and re-igniting old ones.

I’m hoping to further my work around Weather and Climate Change and how that ties in with wellbeing. This will combine making and curating.

photo of a clip board with a series of lines deonting a tree and birds, running across a sheet attached to an electrical socket

Nothing to see, Hear – conductive ink and audio – was produced as a collaborative work with Sue Williams, John Willianski, Indigo Eli, with Fee P, Jonno Sandilands and Vic Tillotson.

2017 will see me spending an increased amount of time at PMS as a resident studio member – I’m really looking forward to developing my creative and technological skills in such a brilliantly supportive environment. Thanks to Clare, Rachael.

2016 came to a close with being selected for the Shortlist for the Unlimited International Commission. I will be working with Indigo Eli, an Australian Poet and Visual Artist, and producer Trish Wheatley to hopefully write a successful proposal and make the work through to 2018.

This work came from a residency at Pervasive Media Studio at Watershed Bristol. We spent a week playing with ideas and rapid prototyping and produced a collaborative piece as part of the UNFIXED 2.0 residency with the Australian Network for Arts and Technology  which has inspired our thinking. Thanks to David and Vic.

As part of the Tu Fewn project where I curated ‘An in With a Stranger’ there was a symposia – Beyond the Frame held to share knowledge. I took the opportunity with relish to have a platform to discuss my Disability Trinity model of Disability Arts as well as attempting to advocate for the Visual Arts within the Disability Arts movement. There is still a deficit of disabled Curators and Artists being represented within the wider arts ecology.

A Summer of Festivals
Having commissioned Tim Shaw to make GUST for ‘An in with a Stranger’ we are now working collaboratively on a new piece produced by Kerry Harker , tentatively called ‘Between Stillness and Storm’  – a large-scale sculptural installation generating audio and visual responses to changing weather conditions, in daylight and at night. The installation combines traditional and contemporary techniques for ‘sensing’ the weather, through both analogue and digital equipment, using the weather itself as a source of power.

Commissioned through Wild Rumpus and Unlimited

Over the past year I have been being mentored by Polly Westergaard to develop a range of merchandise based upon my Periodic Table of Emotions. This is a digital installation – an interactive barometer of wellbeing for a city or events –  see here for further details.

Periodic Table of Emotions coffee cups will be available

This will be available in February when the new website is launched. Keep an eye out on Twitter for up to date information. Meanwhile I have a new black version – open edition – of the table available to purchase.

January sees the launch of the Shape Open exhibition exploring Power and Disability. My works (In) visible and Timed Out will be shown. Timed Out is a clocking in machine which prints political text and phrases when activated. The exhibition runs from 19th Jan – 2nd Feb 2017 at  the Ecology Pavillion, Mile End Park, London. Here is a link to the facebook page of the event

In other news
Open Here – the theatre group run in collaboration with Tender Buttons and Early Intervention in Psychosis Teams has been funded by ACE to run for another year I am working with The Art House, Wakefield and Emma Bolland , to train train 6 artists to work with people accessing the mental health services.
February sees me working with Zoe Partington to make a short film around Disabled Curators

If you would like to work together collaboratively, use the Installation of Table of Emotions for your event, then please contact me. I am also available for working with organisations and groups around Disability, Mental Health and the Arts – including Conferences, Panels or other events.

Here’s wishing you a great 2017.

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