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New work for March 2019


At long last I have been able to do some new work (abstracts this time).

abstract textured mage consisting predominantly of browns, with hints of red, orange and turquoise
I have made three images in total, which are combined media works. They began with painting and physical manipulation (sanding), which I did last Autumn, and today I completed them using digital techniques. This has become a more manageable working practice for me as my condition degenerates (hence the degenerative processes used in these works) and I also like the immediacy and disposable nature of such works.

I usually put them to one side for a few weeks, then re-look at them and make any adjustments I deem necessary. For the final image, I am thinking of having one or more printed onto aluminium as a one off piece.

The image I am sharing here is one of the images I’ve worked on today, as yet it is untitled but I will add this as a comment another day if I think of one. (I often use song titles or lines from a lyric). Needless to say I am feeling much happier having done something creative.

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