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AB Silvera

AB Silvera is a lesbian comedian, translator and subtitler from Argentina and Uruguay via Ireland and Italy (it's not as complicated as it sounds). She generates guffaws with queer dates gone wrong, football museum visits gone right, and her family's multiple escapes from fascism. [Image description: AB Silvera, photographed by Keltik Film. AB is a white Jewish Argentinean lesbian, wearing white-rimmed glasses and looking at the camera. She's wearing star-shaped earrings, a black tracksuit top, and a faux-pearl necklace. She's wearing a snapback baseball cap decorated with badges, and her black-and-white curly hair sits between her forehead and the hat.]

Posts by AB Silvera

Woman with short dark hair, cap and glasses standing against a white breezeblock backdrop

Mirth at the Margins: Queer Disabled Jocularity and Mental Health In Stand-Up

AB Silvera talks all things funny, with input from other Scotland-based comedians. Weaving personal experiences with examples from both mainstream and alternative arts, Silvera tackles important issues facing LGBTQIA+ performers who are disabled, neurodivergent, and/or have mental ill-health. It's Argentina in the mid '90s, and our market is fully opened to ...

Headshot of a woman wearing a baseball cap