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Amy Bethan Evans

Amy is a playwright, dramaturg and disability activist from Bristol. She studied Drama and English at UWE and Playwriting at RHUL before completing The Royal Court National Writers' Group, Graeae's Write to Play (Year 1) and Soho Writers' Lab. She has worked as a writing mentor for Extant and Write Away. She is passionate about artist development and currently works in casting at the BBC.

Posts by Amy Bethan Evans

portrait shot of a young white woman

How do I feel in lockdown? I feel free.

Free as in I can wander places I didn’t know existed, in my one hour of sanctioned exercise, to green hills not so far away but always covered in people with sturdy eyes and whose skin tans, more than one turning away so not for the likes of me. Now ...

black and white headshot of young female writer

We need to talk about Tokenistic Access Consultation

Last summer White Deer Theatre revived Phil Young’s 1982 play 'Crystal Clear' for the Red Lion Theatre in London. Amy Bethan Evans was asked to respond to the play to provide a visually impaired perspective on the show. However she found herself in the position of being used, as a ...

Libby's Eyes flyer

It’s time for us to be the protagonists

Disabled playwright, dramaturg and disability activist Amy Evans considers the implications of having a dearth of disabled protagonists in theatre and the problematic nature of falling back upon the ableist gaze, as she prepares to debut her new show, Libby’s Eyes at the Bunker, London in June. In literature, we talk ...

Amy Bethan Evans