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Andra Simons and Syrus Marcus Ware

Andra Simons and Syrus Marcus Ware were invited by Guest Editor Sandra Alland to engage in an email conversation about their experiences as Black queer disabled writers/artists/educators in Bermuda, the UK and Canada. Andra's debut poetry collection is The Joshua Tales (Treehouse Press, 2009), and Copy Press will publish Turtlemen in 2020. Recipient of a Bermudian Founders Award, Andra was Creative Writing Visiting Lecturer at the University of Greenwich (2009-2015), and has appeared in/at many international publications, festivals and events. Syrus is a core team member of Black Lives Matter Toronto, a Vanier Scholar, and a facilitator and designer for the Cultural Leaders Lab. An award-winning artist and educator, he was coordinator of the Art Gallery of Ontario Youth Program for twelve years, and co-edited Until We Are Free: Reflections on Black Lives Matter in Canada. [Image description: The image contains two black-and-white photographs. To the left, Andra Simons, photographed by Ajamu. Andra is a Black Bermudian man. Shot from the chest up, he is holding his index finger over his mouth as he looks at the camera. His lips and index finger are both painted white. He has curly hair, and is wearing a dark top. To the right, Syrus Marcus Ware, photographed by Jalani Morgan. Syrus is Black and wears his hair in dreadlocks. He sits on a chair, knees apart, with his hands reaching between them to grab the seat of the chair. He's wearing a beaded necklace, jeans, and a black t-shirt reading 'WE WILL WIN - Black Lives Matter', which is partially obscured by his hair.]

Posts by Andra Simons and Syrus Marcus Ware

Black performer with hands held aloft, a white chalk hand is imprinted across their face as they speak into a microphone

The Future Through the Past: Andra Simons and Syrus Marcus Ware in Conversation

Andra Simons and Syrus Marcus Ware have an e-mail chat across the ocean between London and Tkaronto/Toronto. They discuss queer and trans disabled perspectives on disability justice, Black Lives Matter Canada, UK Black activism, time travel – and where art fits in. Andra Simons: Hi Syrus. How do you balance your creative ...

Andra Simons and Syrus Marcus Ware