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Angela Edmonds

Angela Edmonds believes that Artists living with life changing illness or disability have a unique and different world view that invariably affects the means of production and the form and content of their work, often resulting in powerful and emotive work which deserves a wider audience and greater understanding.

Posts by Angela Edmonds

photo of a flag artwork

The Cut of The Cloth: Artists in Conversation

Los Angeles Artist Dominic Quagliozzi talks to Angela Edmonds about his recent transformative works incorporating hospital gowns. Angela Edmonds: It would be good to start with a little background information about you and what led you to become an artist, if that's ok with you? Dominic Quagliozzi: Well, I live and work ...

watercolour painting of flowers

The Roots of Flowers: The Work of Roger Alsop

Angela Edmonds talks to watercolourist Roger Alsop about his lifelong passion for painting. You may not have heard of Roger Alsop, but he has been a dedicated artist since the 1960's when he first left his family home in Wisbech to study at Cambridge College of Art. Growing up in the ...

photo of thousands of brightly coloured balloons in a church attached to artist Noemi Lakmaier

Helium and Gravity: Artists in Conversation

Angela Edmonds talks with live performance artist Noemi Lakmaier about her 2016 performance 'Cherophobia' and 'The Task of Containing', commissioned by Shape Arts for Tate Exchange 2018. Angela Edmonds: Hello Noemi, good to talk with you. In your performance work you use your physical body in relation to certain objects in ...

photo of a painting

Those Left Behind: Artists in Conversation

Angela Edmonds talks via Instagram Direct Messages with painter Oriele Steiner about two of her paintings 'Untitled' and 'Those Left Behind in the latest in a series of artist conversations focused on specific artworks. Angela Edmonds: I'm looking forward to discussing your work but firstly congratulations on your recent successful application ...

stone carving of two women, side by side on a bench

ZEN GIRLS: Artists in Conversation

Angela Edmonds and Tony Heaton kick off our series of Artists in Conversation talking about Heaton's sculpture ZEN GIRLS, carved directly from Carrara marble. They discuss the artistic process and the thinking behind the work, which consists of two figures sitting back to back on a bench. Angela Edmonds: Good to ...