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Anna Berry

I mostly create socially- and politically-conscious pieces, large (sometimes kinetic) installations, and often working with paper. Very much an art-world outsider, my work is usually in non-gallery environments. My practice can be quite politically-engaged. I work in a project-based way and like to respond to specific places and ideas. Conceptually the work often explores issues surrounding reality and experience, and by extension the nature of reality.

Posts by Anna Berry

Older white woman given a speech toa a packed crowd of people standing around in a semi circle

Keynote speech: Slaughtering the Sacred Cows

As part of her curatorial residency at Midlands Arts Centre, Anna Berry hosted a public conference entitled Disability Arts: Slaughtering the Sacred Cows. This is Berry's keynote speech from the conference, in full and unabridged. Thank you very much for coming today, and welcome. I’m gonna warn you I’m saying way ...

portrait painting

Slaughtering the Sacred cows – what are the taboo disability arts subjects you’d like to discuss?

I have been curator-in-residence at MAC Birmingham via a programme run by DASH for the last year. I am hosting a symposium day in association with the show I’ve curated at MAC Birmingham on 11th March. The show itself focusses on the Disability Arts Movement, and how art affected social change. However, ...

Audio visual installation with projected images

Curating disability part two: peeking beneath the artworld curtain

Anna Berry continues the reflection on her curatorial residency at Midlands Arts Centre, in partnership with DASH. In this piece, Anna gets her hands dirty and starts to learn some of the tricks of the trade. This article is published in partnership with a-n. In the first few months of my ...

artist portrait with installation

Curating disability, part one: bringing the outsiders in

DASH is running a three-year Curatorial Commissions programme, which sees three disabled curators take up year-long residencies at mainstream visual arts organisations, with the aim of ‘changing the culture of the visual arts sector so it becomes more inclusive and accessible’. Anna Berry is the first DASH curator in residence, ...

Anna Berry standing in front of installation

Interrogating Invisibility: the outsider’s perspective

Following her appearance on the Interrogating Invisibility panel debate, hosted by Disability Arts Online at MAC Birmingham in November 2018, Anna Berry considers the barriers that exist in the visual arts for disabled artists. There is a huge discussion to be had around the barriers to disabled artists in the art ...

3 men at an art preview

How the art world excludes introverts

Following a flurry of controversy surrounding the publication of Shape and White Pube’s recent artist resource about accessing the mainstream visual arts world, artist Anna Berry reflects on the effect of neurodiverse discrimination on an art career. Many of you may already be aware of Shape’s new resource to help disabled ...

Disability is the Poor Relation of Identity Politics

Following on from a recent discussion on DAO about disability and curatorial practices, Anna Berry relates the frustration of having to assert her identity within the mainstream gallery circuit in New York. Earlier this year I found myself on a networking residency in the US. I say ‘found myself’, because I ...