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Anne Teahan

Anne Teahan’s art employs a range of two- and three-dimensional digital and physical processes, from drawing and painting to the construction of fragmented paper sculptures, often from torn printed drawings. Teahan, who lives in London, is interested in taking ordinary objects such as pots and shoes through visual transformations and variations. Her career as an artist has included employment in diverse settings, ranging from psychiatric wards to children’s workshops.

Posts by Anne Teahan

photo of actor David James in a long yellow jacket assisting actress liz carr into a hoist

Assisted Suicide The Musical and The Final Brexit

In the context of Liz Carr’s touring show, supported by Unlimited, Anne Teahan looks at the arguments on both sides of the electric fence that divides pro and anti Assisted Dying campaigners. Liz Carr’s vibrant musical is complex. At the premier of Assisted Suicide The Musical at the Southbank Centre Unlimited ...

Cartoon by Crippen, entitled Grim Reaper

In conversation with Crippen, the pioneering disability arts cartoonist

Dave Lupton, aka Crippen, Britain’s leading Disability cartoonist, has donated his huge archive of over 1000 cartoons to the National Disability Arts Collection and Archive (NDACA) to be housed  in Buckinghamshire New University. Anne Teahan speaks to the man behind 30 years' worth of irreverent cartoons. NDACA which goes live in 2018, ...

Exhibition shot of Esther Fox's painting installation a series of lines. An adult and two children are pointing at the work.

Esther Fox: where art, genetic survival and science intersect

Artist Esther Fox explores genetic screening, disability and the ethical discussions surrounding her right to exist, in Pandora’s Box, her forthcoming sculptural installation in the Science Museum’s ‘Who Am I?’ Gallery. She spoke to Anne Teahan about the work. Of course I would be lying if I said my work wasn’t ...

self-portrait of the artist with a green face, pictured below an institutional building with a pink rabbit on the roof

Words, Pictures, Food and Laundry – a portrait of an artist who refuses categorisation

In the first of our series of peer-to-peer artists' interviews as part of DAO's Viewfinder project, Anne Teahan spoke to Deborah Caulfield, discovering an artist, writer and disability activist who confounds all the usual definitions. Many artists strain to explain their work in terms which baffle. Instead of an elaborate artist’s ...

The ‘D’ Word: reflections on a piece of cross-cultural research

A reflection on cultural understanding and misunderstanding in the areas of art, disability and the mainstream by Anne Teahan. In Summer 2010 I participated in an exhibition at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington DC, called ‘Revealing Culture’. Fifty five artists showed work spanning the full range of contemporary art forms from installation ...