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Toni Hurford

I'm an emerging poet and writer - my first collection is forthcoming, A Staff of Asklepios, with Survivors' Poetry who have mentored me (many thanks to Dr Simon Jenner - a process that has been A Very Good Thing for me). I have poems in Survivors' magazine Poetry Express editions 45, 54, 57 and 60 (free to download on their website (when it is back up and running)). I'm very much a Survivor poet. DAO has also been enthusiastic and supportive, thanks Colin. Some of my poems are in a showcase on this website on 'The Staff of Asklepios'. More info on publication is at my blog.

Posts by Toni Hurford

watercolour depicting a yellow rod and a green serpent


I plan to visit here occasionally to share some of my writing process. Mostly thinking then, or my version of that, but maybe sometimes some practical ideas. To help my writing I try to read as much as I can. Partly this is to make up for lost time in a ...

observations i & ii

i for many years i was unable even to try to write a cv as this task made me so sad i don’t think such feelings are uncommon ii one day i folded myself into a form - trimmed my edges, or everything they didn't want - flavoured myself to an unreal specification then posted this and found ...

watercolour depicting a yellow rod and a green serpent

Toni Hurford asks: What Attracts me to Poetry?

Denis Joe O'Driscoll originally asked me to write this essay after a selection from my (still) forthcoming collection, A Staff of Asklepios, was published on Disability Arts Online in 2014. I've struggled to attempt to answer. Thinking too hard about it I found myself at one point having fallen in ...


I’m a bit unsure what to say about this poem. No. That’s not right, I’m not unsure what to say, I am unsure what I should say. Whether it should be explained. This might all sound like a lot of ideas, but it’s what I had on my mind, and ...

watercolour depicting a yellow rod and a green serpent

Anthony Hurford: ‘The Staff of Asclepius’

Anthony Hurford came to DAO via the Survivors' Poetry blog. He submitted a selection from his forthcoming poetry pamphlet due to be published by Survivors' Press in summer 2014 I always loved poetry, perhaps took it for granted. Definitely did not allow myself it – somehow some message grew in me ...