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Bryony Parsons

My name is Bryony Parsons and I live with a rare chromosome disorder known as 22q.11 Deletion Syndrome, caused by a missing piece of the 22nd Chromosome. It can affect any part of the body and cause mental health problems, as well as learning difficulties. I have had two open heart surgeries and a scoliosis repair on my back. The one thing that has helped me deal with this is creative writing, which has become my passion. Over the years, I’ve discovered that not many people have heard of my condition, including doctors, so I have made it my mission to raise awareness. My blog will mainly be around raising awareness about my syndrome, as well as how it’s affected my family. I struggle when it comes to expressing myself, so I turn my thoughts and feelings into poems. I am also working on a fantasy novel, which I am hoping will be finished soon.

Posts by Bryony Parsons

Give me Serenity

Give me serenity, and grant me calm, my mind is all a flutter, and I can't find my identity. The room is spinning around me, and my breathing is fast, give me serenity, and grant me calm. I am hot and sweaty, I can't think straight, so give me serenity, and grant me calm.

Hope and Pray

This year has been challenging, The coronavirus has hit home, Having to wear masks, Standing two meters apart. How long will this go on for? Being glared at for coughing, Having to sneeze into your elbow, waiting for the shops to re-open. Oh, how I wish life would return back to normal, No one knows what normal is anymore, All ...

Can you tell me Why?

Can you tell me why? Don't you remember me? No matter how hard I try, I just can't foresee.   I think I have lost my mind, I forget the simplest of things, Can you tell me why? I can't find my cup of tea.   I feel lost and confused, I can't remember your name, Can you tell me why? I can't ...

The first frost has fallen

The first frost has fallen, The leaves have turned golden, Days are becoming shorter, Squirrels are gathering their nuts, Winter clothes are back in the wardrobe, Hats and gloves are ready to be worn, Nights are becoming colder, Birds begin to fly south, Windy, wet weather seems to be constant, Wet leaves make a slippery ground, Hot chocolates become a ...

black and white image of two hands holding

It’s easy to forgive.

It is easy to forgive, Hard to forget, You had just disappeared, Without giving it a thought. You left me in the dark, When I tried to reach out to you, I was left with a broken heart, As you chose to decline my views. We were a package deal, No one said our deal expires, Nothing you said seems ...

Stormy skies

Stormy skies, Fallen down trees, Where is the light? No chance of sleep.   Rumbling all around, Followed by lightening, The pressure of feeling overwhelmed, is slightly worrying.   When the storms begin to fade, The light begins to appear, and the pressure gives way, to help us see that the light was always here, Once we get out of the stormy circle, Our minds ...

house and spiders web

I can call it home

I can call it home Tiled floors, Cold upon my feet, as I began to explore, Inside these four walls. It was dark and damp, dirty and smelly, it was hard to see, that this was once a home. The cobwebs were tidied up, Dead flies were seen, The walls are falling apart, The furniture was left unclean. There is a lot to ...

Self injury awareness ribbon

Pick, Pick & Pick

Note: I've had what many would call a habit. This habit has turned into self harm. I've been trying to give up, but it's not always easy. I hope this poem makes people realise that you can't 'just give up.' It won't happen over night. You have to keep fighting ...

Ticking time bomb

I am a ticking time bomb, Waiting to go off, My mind never stops, As life wanders on. I question, "What If?" Paranoia starts to show, My head starts to spin, I fear the unknown. I keep getting knocked down, But that doesn't stop me, From fighting for what I want, To be able to achieve my dreams.  

She tried her hand

You try your hardest to keep a peaceful lifestyle, but sometimes you try too hard. She tried her hand at most things, but drew the line at honesty, She tugs at the heart strings, and tries to keep her sanity. She fakes a smile, and pretends to be happy, To keep a peaceful lifestyle, despite feeling low and ...

Photo of Bryony beside the riverside

My childhood

My childhood seems to belong to another world, Where fairies and demons were once thought to be true, And nagging adults got on our nerves, Picking our noses seemed to make adults go ‘Eww’. Playing in the streets and games like kiss chase, Used to be the highlight of our day, Learning to make more mates, While ...

Bryony Parsons