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Corina Duyn

I am an artist and writer. During the 1990’s I worked as a professional Doll Artist and had facilitated workshops prior to the onset of illness (M.E.) in 1998. My creative output changed dramatically both in substance and intensity. I conducted a visual and written dialogue with my body and explored the accompanying emotions, physical challenges, sudden joys and moments of gratitude through the creation of art. I shared these works with an international audience through books and exhibitions. I facilitated an eight-month puppet-making project with fellow members of the Irish Wheelchair Association (IWA), and witnessed the empowering benefits of participation in the arts, by non-artists. The invitation to give a talk at the “The Broken Puppet: A Symposium on Puppetry, Disability, and Health” brought me into a world of 'all things puppet'.

Posts by Corina Duyn

Puppetry & Disability at Nottingham Puppet Festival

As part of the Nottingham (UK) Puppet Festival (22nd till 25th March) Artist, writer and puppet maker Corina Duyn will be giving two talks: Puppetry, Disability & Health, and Writing for Puppetry Corina will also be attending Puppet Place in Bristol (UK), 29th March. And as keynote speaker at  Broken Puppet 2  A Symposium on ...

two puppet bodies lying side by side

The dance of puppets

I have come to accept that certain art projects take years to grow from the initial seed (idea) to a finished piece of art, with its own story to tell. My ‘Reflection’ puppets, is one such project. Background to the puppets  I found this abstract From a blog post in March 2014: "... During my ...

Corina Duyn taken het puppet out of the box

Puppet Power

Attending the Broken Puppet Symposium on puppetry, Disability and Health last week was like stepping into a completely new world. And yet when I entered it, and moved about with open eyes and ears, I realised I had been part of this amazing, creative, fun, and astonishing place for pretty much all my life. I ...

book cover with a brick wall as background and the title Lost Voices in a white box

Severe M.E. Day – for Understanding and Remembrance

This year The 25% ME Group are placing the spotlight on Remembrance. The 8th of August 2016 was the the fourth annual Severe M.E. Day for Understanding and Remembrance. "However, sad to say, the life experiences of many of those who are no longer with us were marred by a terrible lack of understanding. So Remembrance highlights the ...