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Daniel Regan

Daniel Regan is a photographer and suicide survivor specialising in health and wellbeing, using visual language to explore complex emotional experiences in lieu of traditional forms of communication. From using photography to navigate his own mental health history to building large-scale commissioned interactive and immersive installations exploring the soothing qualities of landscape, Daniel aims to prompt viewers and collaborators to consider how the arts can be used to explore health. His work encompasses the full spectrum of our wellbeing, both identifying and working through often difficult experiences whilst engaging people with ideas of self-advocacy and self-expression.

Posts by Daniel Regan

Daniel Regan: I Want To Live

This piece was commissioned by Dolly Sen as part of her Guest Editorship. In 2008 I tried to take my own life. It’s now 10 years later and I’m working with people in suicidal crisis and championing the positive benefits of creativity. I had a difficult childhood that manifested in me developing ...