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Daphne has been created and written by Mandy Redvers-Rowe. Daphne first appeared on Radio Merseyside in 1995 on a programme called ‘Sounds Positive’ where she was voiced by the author. Daphne then transferred to the BBC Disability Programmes Unit where she was played by Ali Briggs and often accompanied by Monica, her Disabled co-presenter, played by Mandy Colleran. She enjoyed three episodes with one half hour special, between 1996 – 1998. With the closing of the DPU Daphne was wrapped up and packed away. But she has never quite left her writers heart. So, when considering creating a comedy blog for DAO, Mandy hit on the idea of reviving her. Now Daphne has been broken out of her wrappings and dusted down. Inspired by the general watering down of Disability Rights, the almost total lack of employment opportunities and the very real threat that no one will be able to live independently ever again, she’s determined to get stuck in and help out. Offering to anyone who wants it, her own unique brand of completely inappropriate advice!

Posts by Daphne

Daphne holding a bottle of wine

Daphne on Christmas

Hello to all you lovely Dibly readers! It’s me – Daphne – your one and only Agony Aunt. I thought you might all need a bit of advice - to prop you up and get you through the festive season.  Just remember – no matter how many baubles you break when decorating ...

Photo of Mandy Redvers-Rowe as Daphne

Daphne is looking for help over her recent confusion with the National Theatre?

Yes it’s time for your regular date with Daphne! And remember, popcorn only pops when it’s hot! Which probably means our popping days are over for yet another year - as winter is definitely coming. Now a few weeks ago, when we were all still hot and popping, I was at the DaDaFest ...

Daphne next to the Eiffel Tower

Yes it’s time for your regular date with Daphne

And remember, if you don’t like toast – don’t eat it! Before we get started, let me extend a quick hello to Patrick and Dennis who both wrote in to my previous blog– thank you boys! Last week I took a cheeky little break and popped over to Paris. Oo-la-la! Very romantic ...

Daphne the agony aunt

Daphne the agony aunt week 2: Fashion

Hello to all my lovely Disability Arts Online readers! Yes I’m back - for the second week running.   And thank you to the three people who had the courage, in their moment of desperation, to reach out to me.  I hope my advice has helped and please, please do keep on ...

A picture of a woman in a white broad brimmed hat, black dress with white polka dots, holding her camera up in front of her. She’s smiling just a little too much. On her right is a black guide dog in a white harness.

Daphne Does Good…

Hello out there to all you readers of Disability Arts Online! I’m Daphne, and I’m about to become your favourite Agony Aunt. It’s true that I cannot claim to be different, not in the way that most of you reading this can, but I have been giving people with difference advice ...