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Dave Russell

David Russell is a writer of poetry, literary criticism, speculative fiction and romance. Earlier poetry collections include Prickling Counterpoints (1998), 'High Wired On' 2002; 'Rock Bottom' 2005. In 2013, he published a translation of the Spanish epic 'La Araucana' (Amazon). David's romances are 'Self's Blossom', 'Explorations', 'Further Explorations', "Therapy Rapture', and 'Darlene, An Ecstatic Rendezvous' (all pb Extasy - Devine Destinies). He is also is a singer-songwriter and guitarist, and his main CD albums are 'Bacteria Shrapnel' and 'Kaleidoscope Concentrate'. Many of the tracks can be found on You Tube by searching under 'Dave Russell'. David's pamphlet of environmental poetry 'An Ever River' is being published by Palewell Press in 2018.

Posts by Dave Russell

red cover featuring a figure reading a red top newspaper

Shabbigentile by Alan Morrison

Published by Culture Matters, Alan Morrison's latest poetry collection 'Shabbigentile' summarises the current state of our nation, satirising the wastelands of asset-stripped Britain, where the Tories and the press work together to create the scapegoating pseudo-science of Scroungerology and the DWP’s weapons of brown envelopes are transposed as Salted Caramels. ...

cover image of Shadows Waltz Haltingly shows four black silhouettes of figures in dance poses.

‘Shadows Waltz Haltingly’ by Alan Morrison

Alan Morrison's collection of poems Shadows Waltz Haltingly charts the struggles of his late mother with Huntington’s Disease (or Chorea), depicting in 'meticulous detail' the full effects of the illness. The title in part alludes to the original name for the illness, St Vitus' Dance. Review by Dave Russell. To my ...

Dave Russell