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Deen Hallissey

I'm Deen. I am a Performer/Artist and actor with Access All Areas. I am working with Disability Arts Online as Digital Influencer and am going to be sharing my interests in alternative culture and how I see the world as an autistic creative on this blog.

Posts by Deen Hallissey

Photo of performer Cian Binchy looking askance in front of the camera

Deen Hallissey speaks to Cian Binchy

DAO's Digital Influencer Deen Hallissey chats with his old buddy and fellow digital influencer for Access All Areas, Cian Binchy about art and acting. A transcript of this conversation is available here.

A white non-binary person with a shaved head and quiff and mixed Caribbean and white man with long dreadlocks.

Deen Hallissey interviews activist Dennis Queen

DAO's Digital Influencer Deen Hallissey finds a 'soulmate' in musician and activist Dennis Queen as they talk about activism, dressing up, hairstyles and shared musical interests. (The film is captioned, which can be turned on or off on the YouTube controls by clicking the CC button) A transcript of the film is ...

7 people in a Zoom video call

Getting to know the DAO staff team

DAO Digital Influencer Deen Hallissey presents a film introducing you to the whole Disability Arts Online team. Expect a mixture of both silly and serious questions...

Composite image, mixed race man with dreadlocks and white woman have a some call, with a podcast logo image pasted in the middle of them

213 Things About Me and plenty to discuss about autism

213 Things About Me is a podcast series which tells the true story of ‘Rose’, who was diagnosed with autism aged 36 and took her own life six months later. 213 Things About Me is told through a list of Rose’s traits, which she made immediately after being diagnosed with ...

Check out the Gig Buddies campaign

Gig Buddies is a programme by national charity, Stay Up Late, that supports people with learning disabilities to see live music through their volunteering befriending service. In response to the coronavirus lockdown, the charity has brought many of its services online including; virtual coffee mornings, art clubs, evening socials and ...

Transformation: changing minds

Transformation is a new creative vlog series from DAO Digital Influencer Deen Hallissey. Deen expresses feelings about lockdown, both positive and negative, from the perspective of an autistic creative person. Deen also publishes content on his own YouTube Channel as D. H. Tarzan.

Harry Josephine Giles: trans activism and confidence

DAO's Digital Influencer, Deen Hallissey talks about why transgender artists are so important to him as an autistic person Nyla Rose is first publicly transgender woman professional wrestler in the United States Instagram: Twitter: Chelsey Manning: former soldier, proud whistleblower, activist. Twitter: Instagram: Munroe Bergdorf: advocate for intersectional, black, LGBTQ rights and a ...

collage of seven photos of young man and his friends

Deen Hallissey takes over Disability Arts Online’s instagram

In partnership with London-based performance company Access All Areas, undeterred by lockdown, Disability Arts Online has been working with our Digital Influencer Deen Hallissey on ‘Lead’ – a bespoke leadership development program. He talks to DAO about his recent Instagram Takeover. Things are slowly but surely moving forwards in Disability Arts ...

production shot

A shake up in the Arts, Deen Hallissey is raring to introduce himself

In early 2020 Disability Arts Online began partnering with London-based performance company Access All Areas on 'Lead' – a bespoke leadership development program and coaching culture for potential learning disabled / autistic leaders, funded by Arts Council England's Transforming Leadership programme. Deen Hallissey is one of eight aspiring leaders who were ...

Deen Hallissey