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The ambition for “Deluge” is to create a series of drawings and artworks by Rachel Gadsden and an art/sound performance (Gadsden in collaboration with composer/musician Freddie Meyers, violinist Emily Earl, Australian artist Jeremy Hawkes, Hong Kong performance and visual artist Yeung Sui-Fong and sign performer Stacey Stockwell), which responds and reflects upon current physical & psychological issues and notions of displacement, isolation, the Covid-19 Virus pandemic, immunology and the need to remain ever hopeful.

Posts by Deluge

blue tesselated form made up of vertebrae

Another kind of asylum

Colin Hambrook discusses the psychological implications of creating in isolation for the Deluge project Rachel has asked me to respond to a few disparate elements of the work-in-progress, which will become Deluge. Five artists from the UK, Hong Kong and Australia have been collaborating over the internet, sharing thoughts, ideas and ...

painting containing several figures in black

3 countries, 3 timelines, 5 studios, 5 creatives, just exactly how are we creating Deluge?

When we embarked on our Deluge creation, we were all conscious that we were going on an exploratory vibrant journey together. I will admit that at times the process of this exploration is echoing the actual themes of the work we are attempting to create. Sometimes we are all caught ...

Digital images with swirling lines in hues of green and purple, a woman in shown with her back to the viewer

Visual artists Rachel Gadsden UK and Jeremy Hawkes Australia: Creating Deluge during Covid-19

About a year ago I received an email from Australia, from an artist who was applying for an Australian Council of the Arts Grant award, writing to enquire if I would be interested in being part of the grant vision. And with his tremendous award success - Jeremy Hawkes became such ...

abstract artwork of a figure in motion

Deluge Blog 2

With my deteriorating eyesight caused by a condition called retinoschisis, sound has become an increasingly important part of my visual art practice. I am now conscious that I hear sound in my mind as I make drawing and painting strokes. In this blog I would like you to meet composer ...

painting of a figure held within a circle

Introducing Deluge – a journey through isolation

26th Dec 2019 Hong Kong artistic collaborators spoke to me about a virus that was sweeping across China radiating outwards from Wuhan Province. 9th January 2020 Had my first regular Human Antibody Transplant - Royal Brompton Hospital (she experienced multiple side effects.) 28th Feb 2020 I received her 4th Human Antibody Transplant - Royal Brompton ...

Digital artwork with swirling lines in hues of green and purple, showing a woman with her back turned to the viewer