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Dennis Queen

Mx Dennis Queen is a grassroots activist and musician who has been performing in the disabled people’s movement since the turn of the century. Dennis is currently involved in Manchester Disabled People Against Cuts, Greater Manchester Coalition of Disabled People, Not Dead Yet UK, Crip The Vote UK. She also supports as an ally where possible with anti-eviction and no borders/ anti-deportation campaigns and Black Lives Matter UK. Dennis is 45, a nonbinary transgender person, and polyamorous with a rainbow family which is co-parenting and home educating 3 wonderful disabled children. She is disabled by society which uses her variety of boring impairments as an excuse. She’s white so she’s still stupid about a lot, but trying to learn. Dennis has arrived at DAO with an agenda around making arts more accessible to grassroots and multiply marginalised disabled people.

Posts by Dennis Queen

A young Alan Holdsworth performs as Johnny Crescendo busking on a street corner

Disability Music, Rights and Activism

Disability History Month 2018 focuses on the importance of music to the history of our movement. Dennis Queen embodies a form of Disability Arts activism that we could do with much more of, during these times of austerity and political cuts to the life support mechanisms of many disabled people ...

Dennis Queen