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Etzali Hernández

Etzali Hernández is a nonbinary latinx queer fierce femme poet, coder, DJ, No Borders organizer, and social justice trainer. Their work has been published in Ascend Magazine, We Were Always Here: A Queer Words Anthology, and more recently in Ceremony, a pamphlet by the Scottish BAME Writers Network. [Image Description: Mexican Etzali Hernández smiles at the camera. They have long black hair and wear black-rimmed glasses, bright pink lipstick, and a black and white knitted top. The photo is taken outside, with the sea and some cityscape in the background.]

Posts by Etzali Hernández

A 'brown round queer' with short hair and glasses stares intently at the camera. They wear a dark trilby hat on their head and sport a brown jacket and purple bow tie.

Poetic Prayers: Kay Ulanday Barrett’s New Book, More Than Organs

Kay Ulanday Barrett is a pilipinx amerikan transgender queer poet, performer and educator. Their second poetry collection, More Than Organs, launched this month with Sibling Rivalry Press. It examines grief and love, and poetically dreams 'Brown, Queer and Trans futures'. Reviewed by Glasgow-based poet Etzali Hernández. I have been following Kay ...

Etzali Hernández