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Gemma Nash

Gemma is a Manchester based multimedia artist and digital storyteller. She has a particular interest in sound and photography, with her work exploring themes of community, social engagement, disability and inclusivity. She has composed soundscapes for festivals, films and theatre and exhibited her work throughout the UK.

Posts by Gemma Nash

production photo

a little space – new physical theatre designed by Gecko and Mind the Gap.

What does it mean to you to have a little space? Gecko and Mind the Gap, have teamed up to devise a little space – exploring negative and positive reflections on aloneness, agency and isolation. Review by Gemma Nash In a stark room caged by copper pipes, we are asked to ...

Black and white photo of a young, male composer/ musician

Music, Disability and Austerity: Ben Lunn on his composition ‘T-4’

Whether it’s writing protest songs or using musical instruments as part of the rehabilitation process, music and disability have historically had a complicated relationship. As a foretaste of the theme of this years' UK Disability History Month – exploring the work of great disabled musicians throughout history – Gemma Nash ...

Hand with paper heart - by Gemma Nash

Piss, Productivity and Phillip Hammond

At the end of 2017 I had one of the worst few weeks I can remember in terms of impairment pain, discomfort, immobility and general health problems. A routine medical appointment resulted in three admissions to A&E for suspected urinary retention, emergency catheterisation and severe bladder pain. I don’t usually write ...

Jackie Hagan, This Is Not a Safe Space

Jackie Hagan’s This Is Not a Safe Space

Written and performed by Jackie Hagan, This Is Not a Safe Space interweaves recorded narratives with poetry, puppetry and anecdotes to celebrate the weird and wonderful world of ‘wonky people.’ Gemma Nash caught the premiere at Contact Theatre, Manchester 27-28 October 2017. This Is Not a Safe Space, an Unlimited (administered ...

Can comedy create a fairer world? Comedian Laurence Clark thinks so

"If you can get people to laugh with you, that is far more powerful than any training.” At the start of this year’s UK Disability History Month, I spoke to writer, actor and funny guy Laurence Clark about his latest show Independence, disability rights and ‘speaking proper’. Laurence came up with the title Independence back in January, ...

August Natterer My Eyes in the Time of Apparition (1913)

Reimagining Creativity

Recently I’ve attended two MMU led events that I found particularly interesting, both of which broadly examined ‘human’ ways of being, notions of creativity and human flourishing.  In connection with the first of these events – Theorising Normalcy And The Mundane - I have been working with the fantastic DMLab in Manchester ...

Selfie of Gemma Nash, holding a pair of blue glasses with accessible toilet symbols on in front of her eyes

Toilets, Utopian Imaginings and finding the Potty of Gold

The design of toilets have been based on a historical model of the ‘ideal’ (hu)man, and continues to ignore the diversity of their users. Travelling Toilet Tales... You may have recently read about Italian creator, Maurizio Cattelan’s 18-carat solid gold toilet installation at the Guggenheim Museum, but he’s not the only artist using ...