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self-taught writer / performer / artist with active involvement in disability arts & part of mad studies north-east collective. much our creative work 'reclaims the languages of lunacy'as psychiatric survivor (tho what is surviving?). plays and performances, numerous short films screening worldwide, much sound-art internationally. recent visual poetry exhibition still alone in her voices informed by living with psychosis opened in newcastle 2016 thanks to mental health collective and tours till 2020. is that a bruise or a tattoo? published shearsman press, 2013 includes bastilles englan - about escaping asylums

Posts by Gobscure

Hand holding three marbles

decomposing: a rumination on the art canon, ‘mad sounds’ and ‘bandwidth’ by gobscure

Artist gobscure takes us on a meandering journey through their recent exploits in composition and sound art ('mad sound,' as they call it), sending up the notions of the art 'canon' and suggesting an alternative via the concept of 'bandwidth' along the way. gobscure writes in colloquial parlance, eschewing the ...

photo of a label attached to a window

red tape … saving lives since … ?

something mary left behind in manchester recently  – she is leaving them where she can – she doesn't respect property!


heckled by his own phone

collage from axe-throwing as a first date. to see more go to joey 1981 on flickr


axe-throwing as a first date

for couple of years we've been screengrabbing and layering and commenting; as a result there are now 30 final posters online now (piers and sausage rolls and army recruitment ads in the final one) online To see more go to: – our faves still donald's husband coming out against trump (ivankas ...

A man sits on a chair on stage

Neal Pike tells his story of life in an S.E.N. school in the 1990s.

Neal Pike brought his first full-length spoken word show to Alphabetti Theatre, Newcastle from 13th-17th November. Five Years tells the story of Neil's experience of attending a special educational needs school in the 90’s. Reflections by gobscure Neal started writing and performing with Nottingham-based Mouthy Poets a few years ago, but it ...

Collage with images of Trump and May. On the left Trump is signing a document with the words ‘wall, patio, internment camp and mojos’ on it. Next is a photo of Trump and May holding up two fingers with the caption: Image gobscure: "The government I lead will be driven by the interest of the privileged few: up yours!"

The government I lead…

maydaymayday all the way mayday

black and white digital image with scratched words:

words are weapons & we’re at war

presentation at celf for muriau - mental health & arts festival wales, gobscure 2017 given words before mam died, she told stories which we still carry, helpin us find ... born with language, languages, language-sings but mostly these are taken - education, society, media, law, politics, family, genders, sexualities, ethnicities, class, ...

Image of a head with several rooms in which tortuous acts are visualised as a metaphor for everything we're not allowed to say about our oppression by the powers that be

is hearing the voice durhams uncritical promoting ov eugenicist awarded medal by göring cooool?

godwins laws some internet-saying as discussion grows anything will end compared to hitler but hearing the voice durham do include writings ov eugenicist given medal by göring in their current exhibition / online & completely without context & so am questioning this facts matter despite what were increasingly told: exhibition - ...

abstract image with the text 'too much poetrys middle ov the ode' from an e-book by sean burn,

comin ov rage

(some) brokenword in brokentimes - dedicated to all on diy 13 (in leith - season, rhea, rebecca, nathaniel, andrea, alexandrina) plus lada in general / also celf / daily life unlimited / dash / dao / madstudiers all sides all borders (... mad studies north east collective, launchpad, qmu / ...

Black and white abstract image of white pipe cleaners against a black background

gobscure: who can’t speak about voices?

gobscure posts a recorded presentation responding to hearing the voice durham and their current poor commissioning policy around hearing voices & arts who can't speak about voices?  visualise whose not in this chair ... (stand, place chair centre-stage, walk behind audience) sometimes soundbite, bullet-point, tweet arent enough lets start with war photography. which really ...

storm is risin. 2016. 9’51”

sound-art these end times -updated sonic response to some monologues from redvoice first created and performed at birminghams beyond the boundaries festival back in 2004. that live performance accompanied by free-improv musicians keith jafrate and dave kane. redvoice was subsequently published in edgecities, skrev press, 2006. on discharge from particularly ...

digital artowork by sean burn featuring the words 'dedicated suppliers of Labour old and new'

Sean Burn: Chilcot Remix (terra)

Brand new remix of an old text (with soundscapings) in response to the Chilcot report on Tony Blair's war crimes. #seanburn, #spokenword, #chilcotreport, #tonyblairwarcrimes chilcot remix. 8'37''. 2016. i lost my way. twelve years underground, isolation, different names, a lost self. i had arrived at a deeply wrong way of responding to ...

photo of playwright with a nut in his hand

three wee brexit rapid-response plays

sean burn is a tyneside-european playwright & gobscure is associate company ov greyscale theatre He sent this piece in to DAO exonerating us to please perform / improv(e) these widely as possible, add to, argue over, love & rage! p.s. exit (from brexit) aint anglo-saxon but latin make my day punk (wouldnt yu love ...