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the book cover shows actor/ musician Jez Colborne wearing a wide-brimmed hat, dark glasses and an American badge on his lapel

‘Theatres of Learning Disability’: Good, Bad or Plain Ugly

Published by Palgrave Macmillan, Matt Hargrave’s is the first book to focus exclusively on theatre and learning disability from an artistic perspective. Over five years Hargraves researched the work of several companies and artists giving detailed analysis of work by Back To Back, Mind the Gap, Dark Horse, the Shysters ...

photo of Jez Colbourne wearing a yellow raincoat and a leather hat, standing in the open doors of a large shipping container with two other performers

Music From the Outer Edges

Gus Garside is a freelance consultant with considerable experience of working within the learning disability arts world. The following essay is grounded with the extensive work he has done with learning disabled musicians as project manager, mentor and access consultant. Listening to Aimee Richardson play the harp at Belfast University in ...