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James Lake

Working with the medium of cardboard for its immediacy, availability and low environmental impact, James Lake creates elaborate and sophisticated sculptures that push the material far beyond its normal utilitarian purposes. Life size, three dimensional portraits or people and animals, anatomical models, furniture and a monumental-scale commission for Lucca Biennale 2018 have all been executed in his inimitable style.

Posts by James Lake

Pencil drawing of a young boy jumping reaching up with his right hand raching for some stars. Small scribbly text around the outside with handwritten notes.

New cardboard work titled ‘Youth’

I have started a new project that I am currently calling ‘Youth’. I promised my youngest son I would make a sculpture of him next. The question was how to represent him. I knew I wanted something dynamic - I wanted to test the limits of the cardboard sculpting process. Looking ...

james' oversized cardboard sculpture of himself sitting in a piazza surrounded by cardboard giraffes

The ‘Paperman’ Film and the Lucca Biennale

I wanted to share about a film I feature in with my work that will soon be shown online as part of the Manchester International Film Festival 2021. It’s such a great opportunity for me, and you book to watch the film online through the link below. So first some background ...

portrait photo of a man with thin rimmed glasses looking away from the camera with cardboard flowers in the background

Hello, I am James Lake – a disabled artist based in Exeter

Hi everyone, my name is James Lake. I thought I would do an introductory blog post to share a little about me as a disabled artist working from Exeter, England.  I am a sculptor and I work with cardboard. The things I make depend on the context: whether I am engaged ...