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Jane McCormick

In early 2013 I received a grant to buy an Ipad. Since then my Ipad goes everywhere with me from bed to sofa to hospital waiting rooms as I document my adventures, real and imaginary, at these exciting locations.

Posts by Jane McCormick

portrait of the artist on a plate

Jane McCormick: Not Half Right

The work in Not Half Right exhibition is a disjointed narrative of the artist Jane McCormick’s chronically ill life as she enters her seventh decade with all guns not blazing. She describes it as a monologue of misery, made slowly with many intermissions and peppered with moments of levity to sweeten ...

Sculpture of cabinet and blue jars

My Atypical Experience

A few years ago I heard about an artist who put on a solo show while housebound by chronic illness. All her dealings with the gallery, including the installation and opening, were done through Skype. After hearing about her success at breaking the housebound artist to gallery barrier I began ...

Heart box filled with pills

Pick & Mix Valentine

I made this piece last year from my hoard of leftover tablets and a discarded Butlers Chocolate box. Sadly, I did not have the pleasure of eating the chocolates first and also sadly I have eaten most of the medications now within. I stuck a gold glittered tit on the top ...

Prescription bottles

Not Half Right at The University of Atypical Gallery, Belfast

Today I am blowing the dust of my blog to write about my upcoming exhibition Not Half Right opening at The University of Atypical Gallery, Belfast in November 10th. The show, named after my blog, is a disjointed narrative of my chronically ill life as I enter my seventh decade ...

Time Heals?

Time Heals?

So I'm alive and still Not Half Right. Still standing....well, sitting mostly. I can't believe it's a year since I posted a blog on DAO. Partly through life circumstances that have left my brain even more scrambled than usual and partly because I couldn't face trying to figure out the ...

Portraits Untold

Portraits Untold from middleofnowhere Ireland

In recent months I have been participanting in the Portraits Untold live-streamed life drawing events organised by artist Tanya Raabe-Webber. My disability has left me with very little energy for art activities in real time so I am always on the look out for live-streamed art events I can tune into ...

A photograph of a woman lying on a bed on a cobbled street. She has flowers over her face.


  Myself and my daughter Jessie Keenan (dance artist) developed this work by exploring a creative process that allowed for both our strengths and limitations to be embraced and laid bare. Having a chronic illness means that I have greatly reduced energy. Working with, not against this and allowing things to be what they were in the moment was an integral part ...


I was reading about this #bagspill phenomenon in the Sunday Times Style Magazine last weekend. It said a good bagspill is crucial for your personal brand platform. So here's mine.

black and white photo of Jess Thom on stage with the slogan 'the damage of diminished expectations' behind her

Going all the way to Galway Bay

In January I attended the Creative Connections Arts and Disability Conference in Galway. The event, organised by Art and Disability Ireland, involved presentations panel discussions, performances and top class international speakers. Travelling to the venue and surviving a two day conference with my chronic pain/ fatigue/ anxiety combo was a big ...

Photographs showing 8x4 light boxes with images from 35 artists outdoors in Stratford. Including detailed image of my piece Bats in the Belfry.

Letting in the light

I am well chuffed that my piece Bats in the Belfry was selected for the Letting in the Light Exhibition now showing in Stratford, London. Bobby Baker's Daily Life Ltd has teamed up with Outside In and Bethlem Gallery to showcase work by 35 artists with personal experience of mental health ...


Its Monday, it's January, I'm sick again.

2 months worth of worries on folded up paper in a gold box.

The worry box

Earlier this year I attended a group CBT course for Generalised Anxiety Disorder. Years of chronic pain and the associated depression and fatigue has taken its toll and I am now what my older neighbours might call 'Bad with the Nerves'. That description, old fashioned as it, pretty much nails ...

Image of a hospital waiting area sign.

Waiting Area 6

Since joining the ranks of the chronically ill I have spent way to much of my time waiting. Waiting for appointments, waiting for test results, waiting for treatments to take effect, or not, as the case might be. The main waiting I do is in the waiting rooms of the various ...

Image of artist standing in a disability parking space. Bewildered.

Chronic invisibility space

I have been thinking a lot about the standard wheelchair disability symbol lately and how there is still no equivalent for people like myself who have a invisible disability. There are lots of jokey tee shirt and badge slogans but nothing that has the universality and gravitas of the wheelchair ...


I have been sidetracked from my blog this last few months as a result of getting involved in the Vote Yes For Equality campaign in the Referendum on Same Sex Marriage in Ireland. I made some work around the issue which I posted online.... it's the best I could do as ...

Jane McCormick