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Jo Tolley

I have a way with words and wonky legs, both of which enable me to shine a spotlight on what living with a disability really means. No stone is left unturned: I’ll willingly talk about the good, the bad, and the hilarious. Speaking of spotlights, creativity is the catalyst for us to be inspired, to evolve, to achieve. Through the arts, we raise awareness and create change.

Posts by Jo Tolley

Photograph of a series of circles with 6 spokes running the through middle

The Show Must Go On: Capturing the essence of the arts and its impact on the disabled community

“Art feeds the soul as much as food feeds the body, and knowledge…feeds the mind.” The message is clear: irrespective of any pandemic, a spirit absent of the arts would become distantly disparate from the unified foundation of its social circles and livelihoods. Moreover, within the disabled community, the arts ...