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John Hoggett

John Hoggett is a published performance poet, play-write, author and investigative journalist. He has set up and helped helped run the Rose and Thorn Theatre Company, which used theater to empower mental health service users, worked with Spotlight on Diversity, which used interactive drama to educate on diversity issues and helped found Speak Out Against Psychiatry. He currently runs an anti-austerity website called Reclaim Reading.

Posts by John Hoggett

black and white photo of two tower blocks

D. Hunter and the meaning of ‘Chav Solidarity’

Chav Solidarity by D. Hunter is part autobiography, part meditation on trauma, class and identity. Review by John Hoggett The 8th April 2019 is the sixth anniversary of Margaret Thatcher’s death. D Hunter came to Reading as part of his Chav Solidarity book tour on that day, which seemed entirely appropriate. 'Solidarity,' ...