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Two men sitting on a bed

Disabled filmmakers are being failed by an industry unwilling or unable to change

Artist and Artistic Director of Together 2012! Dr Ju Gosling aka ju90 considers the state of the UK's film industry following the revelation that the British Film Institute's BFI Network Fund had funded no disabled filmmakers in its first year, despite a modest internal target of 7%. In June the British Film ...

Photo of perfomer Katherine Araniello wearing a bright orange quiff and a huge red tie

Katherine Araniello: The Araniello Show with Daniel Oliver

Dubbed as a celebratory, surprising and hilarious homage to pity porn, sympathy and the impaired, The Araniello Show is at The Yard, London as part of NOW 18. Review by Ju Gosling aka ju90 I entered The Yard Theatre with great anticipation at seeing Katharine Araniello, so the fact that her ...

Painting in light, bright yellows and pinks of two men washing each other in a shower

David Hockney: an appreciation

The David Hockney exhibition at Tate Britain gathers together an extensive selection of the most famous works celebrating the artists’ achievements in painting, drawing, print, photography and video across six decades. Review by Ju Gosling Tate Britain’s sublime 13-room retrospective exhibition illuminates David Hockney’s importance as a gay and disabled artist, ...