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Kay Channon

Kay is a published Poet and Writer working on her PhD at the University of Chichester. Her debut poetry collection The Dark Side of Light was published by Bardic Media in 2017 and is available through Amazon. Some of her more recent poems have been published by the online magazines the London Progressive Journal and I am not a silent poet. Her blogs will explore a range of issues, from the political to the personal, her PhD research and also her poetry and spoken word pieces.

Posts by Kay Channon

Kay Channon In Conversation with Miss Jacqui: Musician, Performance Poet and All-Round Freedom Fighter. The following interview was conducted on the 21st of March 2020, more or less at the start of the lockdown period caused by COVID-19. Due to several extreme medical vulnerabilities, I was not able to leave the house or have any contact with anyone. I am so glad that this ...

Raymond Antrobus

Drafts Dogs and Detail: Writing poetry with Raymond Antrobus

Despite a serious decline in my health, I was determined that come hell or high water (and believe me the water got pretty high due to a lack of trains, a mix up with taxis and my own acute respiratory problems) I was going to make it to London to ...

Time Heals?

Hopes Health and Healing ~ An Update

On the 21st December 2018 I was rushed into my local hospital seriously ill with a very high temperature. I found I couldn't eat, drink or swallow anything, was in a lot of pain, struggling to breathe and vomiting blood. It all happened so fast. Even in the morning despite ...

Kay signing her book at a local book launch event in March 2017.

Visibility and Me: Poetry, Pathways and Pressure.

As a PhD student living with a disability, occupying space is both a fascinating and problematic process. Walking with a wheelchair like I do means I am very visible to those within my institution and indeed to the public, blending in isn’t an option. One of the reasons for this ...

Kay Channon