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Lacey Adigwu

Lacey 'Indigo' Adigwu, a Mother and creative soul, healer-speaker, thinker, writer and songstress from London. With her mixture of St. Lucian and Nigerian roots, wrapped in the fullness of London in her vocabulary and sensibilities, the richness of her heritage is echoed in all of her endeavours. Under the stage name Indigo, she has a huge range of stories and experiences to share, and her voice pierces deep whilst communicating with the souls, hearts and minds of her audiences solo or in collaboration (Caleb Femi, Vidal Montgomery, Roger Robinson) thus far from the Uk, Europe and The Caribbean, Indigo flows in welcome spaces to reveal her expressions of healing experience.

Posts by Lacey Adigwu

headshot of a Black songstress taken from a side profile

WALK MY WALK … the healing and meaning

Lacey 'Indigo' Adigwu tells the story of a song, which lifted her from exile on the streets of London I was in temporary accommodation as a single mother and my New Age spiritual bypassing took a very sudden death. I was overwhelmed by our sudden move to Beacontree, Essex due to ...

Side profile of a black female singer with a large gold earring and tied up head of hair