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Leah Jones

I am a curator who has a learning disability. Last year I curated an exhibition called 'Recipe for a Good Life', which was reported on by BBC North West Tonight: My blog is about my life and work, focussing on the next exhibition I am curating for April 2021. The working title is ‘Edgeworkers’. I’m interested how artists and self-advocates are ‘edge workers’ and I am in the process of approaching artists to work with. In ‘edgework’ the focus is on exploring your own limits (the edge) and confirming your abilities which provide ‘edgeworkers’ with heightened feelings of autonomy, self-worth, and meaning.

Posts by Leah Jones

How I Curate: The ‘Big Idea’

Hi everyone, it’s me Leah. In March I started this blog series where I will be sharing with you a little bit about myself and how I curate. Last time, I blogged about how the coronavirus pandemic is affecting not only my work as a curator, but also my life ...

Life (and art), Interrupted

Me and my fiancé Andrew were supposed to be getting married at the weekend, becoming husband and wife with all our families and friends watching. This day has been a dream of ours. Like many people with learning disabilities, it’s been a long journey for us to be married. But ...

Introducing: “This is How I Curate” Blog Series

Hello, my name is Leah Jones I am 37 years old. I live in the North West of England where I am the director of Positive You, an organisation that aims to empower learning disabled people to have good confidence and self-esteem through art. As well as running Positive You, ...